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This site welcomes ALL citizens regardless of location who use the name McElwee, MacElwee, McIlwee or any other spelling of the name. I am searching for Fellow McElwees throughout the planet so I can add to my existing list from USA, Canada, and Australia.

I will also publish stories you have about yuour family, regardless of where you are located. I have found it interesting to learn about other McElwees and their families and lives. Please check the following page for information about our family.

In the near future I will have more information about McElwees from my family, including the good, bad, and ugly. You will learn about my upbringing in a small coal mining village in North Central Pennsylvania in the 40s and 50s and some stories that have been handed down from generation to generation that I will post for your interest and/or amusement.

My dear old Da was a story teller, as were his grandfather and great grandfather. I have tried to continue the art be relating stories, some true some with Literary License; names changed to protect the innocent of guilty.

If you have a good story, true or dressed up, please pass it along for publication, PLEASE no inappropriate language since this is a family site.

If you have any old photos of McElwee family members anywhere in this great planet please send them as a .jpg of .pdf

John "Jack" McElwee